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Welcome to the Tin Pan Alley Project

Tin Pan Alley was the popular music industry that gave us the great songs of 1890 to 1955—everything from “Daisy, Daisy” to “High Hopes,” and including “Over the Rainbow,” “White Christmas,” “Summertime,” and thousands of others!

This site offers information, advice, and community for users, enthusiasts, and scholars of the wonderful songs of Tin Pan Alley—and more!

 (It is also still in development, so please forgive the scarcity of information—as yet—and visit again soon to read even more about Tin Pan Alley!)

Our Current Featured Articles:

Why Tin Pan Alley Matters

What makes Tin Pan Alley songs special? This article seeks to answer that question. It gives a short history of Tin Pan Alley. The discussion integrates comments and information on popular songs from many sources—especially from the writings of Dr. John Diamond—and it also incorporates original research and analysis.