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Welcome to the Tin Pan Alley Project

Tin Pan Alley was the popular music industry that gave us the great songs of 1890 to 1955—everything from “Daisy, Daisy” to “High Hopes,” and including “Over the Rainbow,” “White Christmas,” “Summertime,” and thousands of others!

This site offers information, advice, and community for users, enthusiasts, and scholars of the wonderful songs of Tin Pan Alley—and more!

 (It is also still in development, so please forgive the scarcity of information—as yet—and visit again soon to read even more about Tin Pan Alley!)

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All by Myself


Title: All by Myself
Year: 1921
Lyrics: Irving Berlin
Music: Irving Berlin

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Let Me Call You Sweetheart

This love song—a waltz—occupies a special place in our culture. You can almost surely get any group of people singing with this song. Even if they don’t know it at the start, they soon catch on. One of my friends ranks it among a small number of songs that he says you can sing all day and not get tired of—maybe because the words and music fit so nicely together. And it is a traditional favorite with barbershop quartets.

It is a sweet and simple song of romantic entreaty, one that still is fondly viewed as a sentimental item suitable for Valentine’s Day, wedding receptions, and candlelit dinners.  I can vouch for this from personal experience …

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Pet Names

This song by George M. Cohan--famous for "Give My Regards to Broadway" and "You're a Grand Old Flag"--is totally forgotten today. But it is a cute and clever duet. In its self-conscious play with the conventions of popular song rhyming, it is a harbinger of the sophisticated lyrics of two decades later.
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